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9 nov 2023 ~

Is anybody out there?

People! I’m very curious, who is reading this? If you happen to be doing so, I have a question for you. What is your favorite way of interacting with blogs? I personally like email, and I’d be very happy if you would say hello! And also, it’s time for an experiment:

Yesterday I added Tinylytics to this website, and I’ll now place a guess on how many people stop by here during the next 7 days. I know that this website has bad SEO (page 2 google bad), but I do link to here from multiple places (GitHub, LinkedIn, Medium). I have two posts on Medium which both gets read a lot, so I would expect most of my traffic coming from there. I’m guessing somewhere around 15 unique visitors and 40 or so page hits every week. And I’m most excited to see if I get any email.

Until next week!