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dreamscape by isak solheim

2 mar 2023 ~

February 2023

My February started out on a train headed for Oslo. I spent a couple of days at the office and went on a skiing trip over the weekend which was really fun!

Somewhere in Øvre Rendal



I finished three books in February, Populæremusikk fra Vittula, Expeditionary Force: Columbus Day and Walking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black.


February has been a month of starting new projects. I’ve started building the frontend for a and (maybe) improved Vengeful Vineyard. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time working on a group project at school building a simple CRUD React app. We have chosed the engine-backed “PU stack”, consisting of React + TypeScript, Tailwind and Firebase.

In the iOS universe, I’ve learned about Universal Links which has been fun implementing while building a new feature for Oslonøkkelen.


Somewhere in space

A selfie taken by the student-built satellite SelfieSat. Getting this picture has been quite the bumpy road, and I’m amazed at how persistent Orbit NTNU has been at overcoming problems. Massive dub 🔥

Somewhere in space

selfie from space