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dreamscape by isak solheim

1 feb 2023 ~

January 2023

January has been a fun month and I thought I would write a recap of some of the things I’ve been up to!


To my surprise I ended up reading five books in January. Barbarian Days by William Finnegan, Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro, 50/50 by Aslak Gurholt, Form+Code by Casey Reas and Never use Futura by Douglas Thomas. Barbarian Days was a blast to read and a clear favorite for this month. I also really liked Klara and the Sun. In general I’ve found a lot more time for reading which I have been enojoying a lot!


The semester at NTNU has had a really slow start which I’ve been completely fine with as it has given me plenty of time to spend working on other projects. In general I have found that school often comes in the way of doing actual development, so I’ve enojoyed having little school this month :) I’ve rolled out a couple of new features to production for Oslonøkkelen and I’ve started the build of a fun webapp at dotkom.

In december I decided to give Neovim another try since my most recent attempt to switch last summer. The new setup has been coming along really well and I’ve started to favor it compared to my trusty VSCode setup.

top of lille blåmann


I spent the first week of January in Tromsø, which was great as I had plenty of time to go splitboarding.

Taken from the top of Lille Blåmann

the golden days

Then I visited Åre with my friends from school. Snowboarding was fun but the nightlife was trash. We visited Bygget, one of the worst bars I’ve been to. The bouncers did drip-checks but only let lame fits inside :P

Me and Magnus in Åre

me and magg

I also got to travel to Copenhagen with my friends Martin, Erik, Soley, Randi, Iselin and Agnes. It was super fun and I can’t wait to go back for UX Copenhagen in March!

REPLIKA playing at Rust