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9 dec 2022 ~

This Website

You are currently visiting, my very own domain on the internet. I bought this domain on 27 February 2019. Since then, I have iterated through many different builds, varying in both tech and design.

As of today, 9 December 2022, the website is built using Astro. My experience using it thus far has been great. Astro’s “island architecture” allows me to write components using React, making the learning curve for Astro borderline non-existent. For styling and typography, I have added Tailwind and @tailwindcss/typography. The website is hosted using GitHub pages️.

I have also added the open-source analytics tool Umami. It is currently running on Railway, but I am soon running out of the resources on their free starter plan, and I might end up scrapping the analytics together once the resources are used up.

I am thrilled with how this version of my website has turned out. I do have some future improvements planned, with the main focus being on getting @astrojs/image working correctly. Once that has been implemented, I hope the stack of this website can stay static for a while.

Update: I ended up scrapping my @astrojs/image implementation and decided to host my images using DigitalOcean Spaces.